San Clemente´s social responsibility actions encompass a set of activities that start at the heart of the organization and their effects overflow into different communities.

Programs with Native Communities

We create productive alliances with ethnic communities in our country.  This way, we offer entrepreneurship and job opportunities to members of native communities (comuneros) in La Araucanía and Biobío regions.  They help us with pruning, thinning and harvesting.

Since 2014, 170 comuneros from Alto Biobío and Lonquimay have joined our work force on our farms in Angol. This has furthered the integration of the native communities.

There have been multiple mutual benefits from the project, given the above-average work performance, and the comuneros have received economic retribution beyond their expectations.

Partnership with Rapiman Cooperative

The purpose of this partnership is to provide ongoing support and guidance in the entrepreneurship of small-scale Mapuche apple growers, in the technical, commercial and logistic aspects. The Antonio Rapiman Cooperative is located in Traiguén, La Araucanía Region, and owns over 82 hectares (202 acres) of apple trees.

San Clemente Scholarship

One of our most emblematic actions is our Higher Education Scholarship awarded to the children of our employees so they can attend university.

San Clemente´s Higher Education Scholarship is a program that began in 2008 and has been led from the beginning by the company´s CEO, Luis Chadwick Vergara, and his wife, Carmen Fresard.  The first recipient of the scholarship, in 2009, was a student of Chemical Engineering.

Behind every one of the selected recipients there is a father or a mother who is part of San Clemente, and with their effort and perseverance have stood out as employees in our company.

During the scholarship selection and pre-selection process, we have heard stories, dreams and realities that have filled us with emotion.

The scholarships cover university costs like registration, monthly tuition, transportation, books and other materials, for the purpose of giving them the support needed for their academic formation, in order to be successful in their professional development.