Care and respect for the environment is part of our corporate values and policies.  For this reason, part of what we do is to maintain a constant awareness for our natural surroundings and environment, seeking to reduce environmental impacts in our production processes and allowing us to be increasingly more sustainable and conscientious about the use of our resources.


Our company´s organic project, San Clemente Organics, was founded with the aim of delivering environmentally friendly foods, allowing us to satisfy the requirements of a demanding group of consumers concerned about health, well-being and food wholesomeness.

Our apples are grown on the El Alazán farm in the Ñuble Region, under strict organic certification regulations, using exclusive phytosanitary methods that allow us to guarantee chemical and residue-free products.

In partnership with our organic grower Montes de Molina, San Clemente owns a processing plant exclusively for organic fruit (Lontúe Fruit Processing Plant), which has processing lines and cold storage facilities that accommodate the needs of our products. 


Being sustainable implies a standard of doing things right, guaranteeing a balance between growth, caring for the environment and social well-being.  In line with these guidelines and with the commitment described in our CSR, San Clemente Foods has an active plan in place for reducing emissions, recycling and for the proper use and subsequent treatment of water, by working actively together with our workers to achieve those goals.


We have adopted the method of reintroducing vegetative material from replanting into the soil so as to not generate residues and reduce environmental contamination.  This is done with the use of a machine that shreds the wood into chips, which are then reincorporated to improve and protect our soil (which will be replanted).  This way we eliminate the method of burning trunks, which was highly contaminating and increased the risk of fires.


We have built reservoirs with geotextile linings in order to increase the volume of our dammed water within our farms as a safety measure to protect our water supply.  This has allowed us to optimize the use of this resource by reducing loss due to infiltration.