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Ensuring quality and excellence from nurseries to the final customer

Production and Harvest
Selection and Packing
Final Customer

Our company operates a fully integrated process, spanning from plant propagation in our nurseries to subsequent production, harvest, selection, packing, and global fruit distribution. Setting ourselves apart with diversified market presence, we oversee the entire production chain, ensuring the highest quality fruit and delivering exceptional customer service

Passion for what we do

3rd largest exporter of apples in Chile

1st in production of juices and berry purees in Chile

5,200,000 boxes of fruit for export

More than 2,300 privately owned productive hectares (5,600 acres)

Among the top 10 fresh fruit exporters of the country

More than 3,000 employees in high season

Over US$180 million in sales

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Our History

Our initial agricultural investment took place in San Clemente (Maule Region) in 1984, inspiring the name of our company.

By 1987, San Clemente began exploring new business opportunities, initiating the export and commercialization of its own fruit. As both business units experienced rapid growth, the company established its first cold storage and packing plant in Talca.

Our Brands

The Best of Chile

for the World

San Clemente in the World

San Clemente has been an industry pioneer, establishing commercial offices across multiple continents. This strategic approach sets us apart by offering comprehensive services and fostering trusted, enduring relationships with our customers.

San Clemente exports to more than 59 countries and has 4 commercial offices worldwide. 

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