In our continuous search for new varieties, San Clemente has important international alliances (IPA, T&G) that ensure the globalization of the varieties that we incorporate into our portfolio.

Through different licenses given by these organizations, San Clemente can respond to different market needs and consumer requirements.


For more than 10 years San Clemente has been partner and co-founder of IPA (International Pome Fruit Alliance), an organization that develops new varieties of apples for production and commercialization.  There are seven partners in the organization all of which are important apple growers and traders in six regions of the world, key to the world supply of apples.


T&G is a New Zealand company that invests in the development of new varieties, technology and innovation.  Currently, San Clemente is the only company in Chile that has the license to grow and commercialize Jazz and Envy varieties, thanks to their long-standing relationship with T&G who are the owners of these brands and exclusive traders of all New Zealand apples.