V-Trellis y 2D

At San Clemente we have innovated tree management systems opting for orchards with higher densities and formation.  This allows us to grow better fruit since this system favors exposure to sunlight and improves yields per acre in quantity and in quality.

Modern tree management systems, like 2D, V-Trellis and dual axis, are intended to optimize the work in the orchards, allowing for the introduction of more technology, platforms and mechanized harvesting systems.

These new systems are implemented from the birth of a new orchard and involve a significant investment in structures and non-productive tree formation.

The V-Trellis and 2D systems are used in countries like New Zealand, Australia and the United States where their benefits have already been proven.



Our farms are equipped with platforms that are used to help with the pruning, thinning, mooring and even with harvesting.

Using platforms can improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of these tasks while at the same time reducing the use of ladders in the orchards, thus lowering the risk of accidents.

These platforms have cutting-edge technology, are self-propelled and have an autonomous assisted-driving function. All of the aforementioned presents an innovative and modern technology that has already proven to work successfully in countries like the United States and New Zealand.


Galcon GSI

Our computerized system gathers all the irrigation information from our fields and stores it on a web platform.  This information is available and accessible online for those requiring it.  Watering can be programmed and reports and alerts can be generated remotely. 

This system is an important step in modern irrigation, that go beyond the technical irrigation systems, which already are standard on all of our farms, given that it allows us to monitor the irrigation programs -when and how much to water- and to help optimize water usage in our crops.


Farm Vision

This software, developed by  “Farm Vision Technologies”, enables, through film recordings with high definition cameras,  to count and measure the growth curves from the moment of fruit set and during the critical thinning period.

Initially, we are experimenting with this software in our apple orchards and eventually it could be developed for use with other species.  It is an experimental technology in which San Clemente is participating together with a specialized team from the University of Minnesota in the United States. 


Use of Regalis in trees

It is important to use Regalis as a method for controlling tree vigor in order to produce quality fruit.  This product is applied to productive trees as a growth regulator, allowing them to concentrate their energy in the development of the fruit and to avoid pruning in the summer.

Installing roofs and meshes

The extensive use of roofs and meshes is notable at our cherry and table grape farms. They improve the quality of the fruit, protect it in more extreme areas, and assure a stable and reliable production, both in volume and in quality.

Reflective Strips

Increasing use of reflective surface strips to enhance the color of the fruit, like EXTEND DAY® and COLOUR UP®.

Pruning of apple tree roots

San Clemente uses a root-pruning machine as a method for controlling vigor in apple trees.