The Talca area has a cold winter season, a spring with low risk of frost and a summer season without strong winds, with high fluctuations in daily temperatures. Its flat land with a clay texture ensures good water supply. These excellent climatic conditions favor the growth and production of the highest quality fruit.


Quilpué Orchard

San José Orchard

Botalcura Orchard

Rauquén Orchard

Corinto Orchard

Picazo, Las Lomas Orchard

Llancanao Orchard

Bramadero Orchard

Las Garzas Orchard

Los Trailes Orchard

Talca Fruit Processing Plant

San Clemente´s first packing plant and cold storage facility was built in the Talca area to provide processing services for the fruit from our own orchards as well as from third-party growers.  It has a 4-way apple processing line and a 12-way automatic cherry processing line with a processing capacity of 220 tons of apples and 110 tons of cherries per day. 

Lontué Fruit Processing Plant

In 2018, in partnership with Montes de Molina, San Clemente purchased the Lontué Fruit Processing Plant.  This plant processes organic as well as conventional apples, adding value to the products processed there and later exported.  This plant has process lines and cold chambers that are adjustable to the needs of our products.  It measures 15,000 square meters (160,000 sq ft) and has a processing capacity of 180 tons of organic apples and 150 tons of conventional apples per day.  This plant also has an 8-way cherry production line and packing line with a capacity of 65 tons per day.

San Clemente Foods

San Clemente Foods has a modern agro-industrial plant located in the Maule Region, the main agricultural area of Chile, 250 kilometers (155 miles) south of Santiago and close to the city of Talca. This is a strategic location as it is close to the fruit orchards, packing and processing plants, as well as to the ports. 

Juice concentrate and non-concentrate (NFC), as well as fruit and vegetable purees as ingredients for final products, are all produced in this plant.