The Nahuelbuta mountain range provides a very special climate for fruit production in Angol and Renaico, especially for apples, because of its mild spring and low incidence of frost.

The summer is very dry with high fluctuations between day and night temperatures.  The summer and spring conditions translate into fruit with very nice color and best postharvest conditions.

Likewise, the quality of the highly fertile soil and its depth makes it easier for the trees to develop their roots and for the even distribution of water.

We also have plantations in Perquenco, located further south in the region which has a cooler climate that is perfect for certain varieties of apples and late season cherries (Van, Kordia, Regina), harvested from the end of December and in January. 


Santa Olga Orchard

Alejandría Orchard

Chumpirro Orchard

Itraque Orchard

Itraque II Orchard

Santa Rosa Orchard

Perquenco Orchard

Santa Olga, Angol Fruit Processing Plant

San Clemente built its second packing plant and cold storage facility in the La Araucanía Region in order to meet the needs of the fruit processing services due to the constant growth in productivity in its own farms as well as third-party farms in the area.  This plant has a 7-way apple line and a 12-way cherry production and packing line.  It has a processing capacity of 260 tons of apples and 110 tons of cherries per day.